Why Work with Vinove ?

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Health & Wellness

Group health insurance and health camps for staff and families

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Collaborative Learning Approach

Regular training for soft skill development, certifications, jobs, and more.

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Work-Life Balance

5 days in a week working with Work From Home roasters.

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Leading Technology Projects

Opportunity to learn and work on the latest technologies.

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Fun & Engagement

Team outings, fun at work, birthday bashes, and more.

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Rewards & Benefits

Quarterly award programs recognizing the in-house talents.

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Modern Amenities

Cafeteria, gyms, play stations, refreshments, and more.

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Management Reachout

Regular skip-level meetings, Express-O with CEO, and more.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR initiatives aiming to address societal goals.


Awards and Partnership


What Our Employee Say

Khushbu Chauhan Sr. Project Management Executive - L2
Navin Kumar Mobility team

In my time here, I've experienced firsthand the support system that Vinove has in place. From continuous training & development opportunities to upskilling of already present skills, which instilled in me a newfound confidence in my abilities. They encourage me to stretch my limits & explore new horizons which elevated my career, for that, I am truly thankful.

Prathiksha Shetty
Associate Software Developer

I was looking for a company that inspires me, a product that I feel passionate about, a position that challenges me and stretches me into different areas, management that encourages and empowers me to do my best and a great work environment and team spirit.

At Vinove, all these things are taken care of. I'm always inspired to do my best and think forward. I like the mindset and culture, and being part of a team that gives its best to make the next generation of technologies usable and accessible to all its clients. For me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me.

Pankaj Masiwal
Operations (MERN Stack)

It's been almost 1.5 years with Vinove and from the day I've joined, I've been given ample opportunities to nurture my professional career development by finding a role as an Associate Java Developer that suits my abilities and interests. Being a Java Developer in the NCN/ OTAVA Team, there have been lots of opportunities for me to work on different tools like Salesforce, ConnectWise, Billing Platforms, Veeam Services, Auth0 etc., with a variety of business aspects. I am proud of the Vinove Family and appreciate the opportunities to realize my full potential, as well as a cooperative and encouraging work culture. Vinove is a Great Place to Work!

Rupesh Kumar
Associate Software Developer

It feels great to have received the IMAD and it is very special as it is my first ever recognition in the corporate world. It gives me motivation to put my all into whatever project I am working on, because I know that my hard work will be appreciated.

My journey here at Vinove has been fantastic, filled with guidance and learning. Day by day I have learned new things thanks to all the support from my seniors and colleagues, the people here at Vinove are amazing and full of knowledge.

Akash Vishwakarma
Associate Software Developer

Initially, Thank You so much for recognising my efforts, and honestly, the feeling is very peculiar as I had not anticipated this award coming my way.

I got to know about this from a friend as unfortunately, I couldn't attend the 'Rewards and Recognition Call' because I was occupied with something else but the moment I heard it I went into a state of exuberance. Everyone around was so happy for me and above all, I saw pride in my manager’s eyes, Vipul sir, that his lad did it. I prominently agree to the fact he is the reason I got this award. Moreover, my journey in this organisation so far is above par in all aspects, I have been involved in multiple projects I got to know a lot about how the wheel rotates in corporate because yes obviously I was a freshman and needed to learn a lot,this company gave me the opportunity and right resources at the right time. Lastly I want to thank my peers for supporting me throughout. Thankyou Vinove for this recognition.

Mohd. Talib Khan
Associate Software Developer

Vinove has provided me with a platform to learn, evolve, and constantly evaluate my progress. The opportunities presented are great for me in the longer scheme of my career growth too. They not only enabled me to implement new ideas but also gave me the platform to learn from my mistakes. In the past 10 months continuous feedback and conversation with my managers has groomed my project management skills and has helped me build a vision of what I would like to achieve in the coming few years.

Sunny Jha
Project Management Executive

I started working at Vinove in October 2022 and it means a lot to me. During this year, I've felt like part of a close-knit family right from the beginning, thanks to the friendly & supportive team.

What makes Vinove special is how much they care about helping their employees grow. The training they provide isn't just informative but also fun & well-organized, which helped me get better at my job and also it guided me on upskilling myself through regular feedback. But the best part is how senior colleagues are always there to help and guide. Their friendship & mentoring have been a big part of my success.

Looking back on my first year at corporate life, I'm really thankful for all the opportunities, friendships & personal growth it has given me. Vinove isn't just a place to work; it's where dreams come true, talents are developed & goals are achieved, it is also where you are given ample opportunities to upskill & better your craft. I'm excited about what the future holds at this amazing company.

Associate Software Developer

I started my career here as a Fresher & was welcomed by an incredible team that values personal & professional growth. My experience here has been a journey of constant learning & upskilling. I have had the privilege of working with some amazing colleagues who have been my mentors as well as my friends, they have taught me about how to face complex problems & find innovative solutions to them. It has not only honed my technical skills but also taught me the value of perseverance. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

QA Associate

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